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VOL. 1, 1985
VOL. 2, 1996
VOL. 3, 1997
VOL. 4, 1998-99
VOL. 5, 2000-01

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Published biannually, Occasional Papers (ISSN 1088-1964) includes oral history interviews, community research and community reports, critical essays, and book and cinema reviews on topics which reflect the diversity of the Korean emigrant experience and which are pertinent to Korean American life.  Occasional Papers is available through membership. Click on the journal of your choice for a summary.

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new-empty-tags: Volume 1, 1985 (70pp)
  • Presenting the Inaugural Issue
  • Goals of Korean American Historical Society
  • Oral History:  An Interview with Joseph Hong
  • Panel Discussion:  Teaching Korean to Children Growing up in the United States
  • Irresponsible Journalism:  Model Minority
  • In Memoriam: Yunja Yu

new-empty-tags: Volume 2, 1996 (120pp)

  • The Oregon Papers, collected by William Carlson Smith
  • The Politics of Immigration
  • The Kang Family: An Oral History of Korean Americans during the early 1900s
  • Koreans in the Former Soviet Union, collected by Songmoo Kho
  • Students of Korean Heritage at the University of Washington:  Characteristics and Attitudes.
  • Review of Quiet Odyssey
  • The Third Annual Korean American Leadership Conference


new-empty-tags: Volume 3, 1997 (120pp)

  • Korean American Experiences Before and During World War II
  • Koreans in Germany: the Story of Kwang-Chung Kim
  • A History of Go in Seattle: the Impact of Korean American Players upon Seattle's Go Playing Community
  • Korean Americans in U.S. Race Relations: Some Considerations about Work in Coalition with Other People of Color in the 1990s
  • "Go Back to Your Country!" Korean Workers were Resented at Seattle Shipyards
  • The Korean Methodist Work on Kauai, by Soon Hyun
  • Reviews of Blue Dreams, Women Struggling for a New Life, The Golden Mountain, Yellow

new-empty-tags: Volume 4, 1998-99 (200pp)

  • A Conversation with Susan Cuddy
  • A Profile of Korean Culture Camp Participants
  • Raising Young Americans in Korean Skin
  • International and Private Adoption: One Family's Story
  • Sometimes Love Isn't Enough: the Voices of Some Adult Adoptees in Minnesota
  • "Fighting Spirit:" Korean Boxers in the U.S., 1926-1945
  • The Lives of Korean Skilled and Family Reunion Immigrants in America
  • The Role of Korean American Organizations in Influencing U.S. Policy
  • Reviews of Passages to Paradise, North Koreans in Japan, The Life Narrative of Dora Yum Kim

new-empty-tags: Volume 5, 2000-01 (170pp)

  • Anna Charr Kim: The Golden Mountain Revisited
  • Koreans in Germany: the Story of Ok Ji Kim
  • The Use of Heritage
  • Liberating Korean American Identities
  • Reinterpreting the Meaning of "Korean-ness"
  • Ethnic Identity of Korean American Young Adults
  • Korean American Parenting Styles and Adolescent Problem Behavior
  • "Fighting Spirit II:" Korean American Boxers
  • Reviews of Still Life with Rice, The Ilse, Korean Immigrants in Germany

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