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Oral History Interviews Available Online!

Thanks to a grant from King County 4Culture, we were able to convert several oral histories from magnetic tapes to a digital format.  These tapes were record of the period from 1981 to 1986 — well past their shelf life.  4Culuture’s support also made possible the transcription of some of these tapes.  We are posting four of them.  These are the stories of a second generation son who goes from the family farm to Yale and Columbia; a third generation nursing PhD,  the son of a career Korean American US Army solider, and twin sisters that enter the University of Washington at age 14.  From these histories, we begin to see the diversity of experiences that make up the story of Korean immigration and the fabric of Korean American community life.  In this regard the individual lives of the narrators are not that different from many other immigrants.  At the same time, there are elements that elicit a sense of kinship among Korean Americans. 

Dr. Rebecca Kang
Chusunn and Chu Yunn Song-Side A
Chusunn and Chu Yunn Song-Side B
Mr. Steven Kang-January 27, 1986-Side 1
Mr. Steven Kang-January 7, 1986-Side 2
Nelson Park-3/4/1981-tape 1
Nelson Park-3/4/1981-tape 2, side 1
Nelson Park-3/4/1981-tape 2, side 2

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