C/O Wing Luke Museum, 719 S. King Street

Seattle, Washington 98104

2016 Shoreline Arts Festival: Experience Korea

Come experience Korea in the Horizon Room at the 26th Annual Shoreline Arts Festival!

KAHS is partnering with Korean American Artists Association of Washington to bring Korean arts, culture and heritage to Shoreline! We have created many fun activities for the whole family. Kids will have an opportunity to make Korean totem poles (JangSeung), write their names in Korean (HanGul), identify and color the Korean flag, dress up in traditional Korean clothing (HanBok), play traditional musical instruments (AkGi), learn paper folding (Jeongi Julpki), and much more. While kids are engaged, parents can relax, read about Korean history and culture, partake in tasty treats and drinks which are served on traditional holidays, or also participate in the hands-on activities. “Experience Korea” is truly designed for all to experience through sights, sounds, tastes, and touch!

We are grateful for the sponsorship and participation of the following organizations:

We are grateful for the financial support of the following organizations: Shoreline Lake Forest Park Arts Council; Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Seattle; Korean American Artists Association of Washington; Seattle-Washington State Korean Association; Korean American Health Professionals Association; Korean American Coalition of Washington State; Korean Student Association of the University of Washington.

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