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KAHS Receives Overseas Koreans Foundation Grant

To all our friends and supporters:

I would like to hank you all very much for your continued support of Korean American Historical Society.

Our January 26, 1999 fundraiser with KW Lee and Daisy Chun Rhodes was a big success; we had a full house with about 80 guests (30-40 of whom were students), all of whom were captivated by Daisy’s moving reading of selections from her book, Passages to Paradise, and by KW Lee’s insights into the Korean American community and the “Korean disease.” We will be publishing material from the night’s transcript in a later issue of Occasional Papers.

Thanks to co-sponsorship by KAPS (Korean American Professionals Society, Seattle) of the costs of the event, the funds raised that night will do directly to supporting our operations. Special thanks to the University of Washington’s KSA (Korean Student Association) president Nurry Hong, and KSA volunteers Chris Kim, Eun Kyung Joung, Suan Pak, and Jee Hye Kim for their work helping setup the event and welcoming guests.

In addition, we are proud to announce our receipt of a $20,000 grant from the Overseas Koreans Foundation in Seoul to cover the cost of printing our next two journals. As a result, any contributions we receive will be better able to support our daily research, information and referral, and outreach activities.

We are extremely appreciative of the Overseas Koreans Foundation for their support, and also wish to thank the Korean Consulate General of Seattle, and all of our supporters who wrote letters supporting our application back in September of 1998.

Best Regards,

Ick-Whan Lee,
President and Publisher January 31, 1999

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