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Korean Community Rallies to Ensure Continuation of Korean Studies Legacy at UW

Students Rally in Red Square for Korean History

On March 1, 2002, over 200 students, faculty and community members gathered in the University of Washington’s Red Square to demonstrate their support for expediting the search for a new Korean History instructor.

Graduate and undergraduate students gathered, and were joined by community organizations including the Seattle-Washington State Korean Association, Korean American Professionals Society, Korean Community Counseling Center, and Korean American Historical Society.

Speakers included Anne O’Neill, and Washington State Senator Paull Shin.

Former Shoreline City Councilmember Cheryl Lee stressed the importance of Korea to trade with Washington State, where 25% of the State’s economy is trade-related, and where the Director of the State’s Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development as well as the State Chief Economist are Korean.

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